Sunday, July 08, 2012


Hi there,
Adakah yang masih mampir ke blog ini? Kalau tak ada, ndak apa-apa juga sih. Lagipula biasanya orang lebih jujur bercerita di blog jika merasa gak ada yang baca juga kan :)

So, how are you? How's life? I hope all is well.

Me? Unfortunately, mine is not as well as i hope it'd be. But that's another story. I probably should write more. Hell, I should probably doing anything more. At this time, I hardly doing anything i love anymore. I rarely read mangas, watch Animes, read books, draw, even eat :( Taking pictures is the only thing I still doing, thanks to camera phone and Instagram. I guess it's time to take my life back, one step at a time.

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